Tuesday, August 31, 2010

school is cool :)

As I said in my previous post  I just started my LAST year at the University of Memphis! Praise the Lord! I hope the next 8 months fly by.  I'm so ready to: graduate, get married, and have a classroom of my own! 

In the next two semesters I will be doing my Residency[student teaching].  During the first Residency I will spend two days a week in an elementary school and two days in class at the U of M. And during the second Residency I will be in the elementary school everyday.  Right now I'm two weeks into Residency 1 & so far so good!

I was assigned to a 5th grade teacher at Barrett's Chapel Elementary in Arlington.  I LOVE THIS SCHOOL! Everything about it.  The kids, the principal, the faculty, the other U of M teacher candidates that are there, and especially my mentor teacher. 

She. Is. AWESOME. 

Before meeting her I was so nervous about the upcoming year.  I really wasn't sure what to expect and I was worried I would get a mentor teacher that I didn't get along with, but soon as I met her I knew this would be a great year.  Mrs. C is so fun! She is great with the children and I am already learning so much from her.  She is really laid back and a go-with-the-flow type of person. I know she is going to be a huge help this semester! Check out my desk.  She had the poster on it when I came the first day.  I felt loved :)

The kids are awesome too.  They are so well behaved and I have a blast with them!  When I was signing in today in the office, I looked up and saw three of them waving at me and telling me how much they had missed me. They are always asking "Miss Kelley" for help and giving me hugs. So precious.  I was thinking I wanted to teach Kindergarten or first grade but now I just don't know.  Fifth grade is pretty awesome. :)

Mrs. C is keeping me SUPER busy. And I LOVE it.  So far I have: worked with smalls groups, ran errands, graded papers, cut out various things, filed papers, car duty in the afternoons & the list goes on.... Today I got to do a fun, little project.  The kids are learning their states & capitals, so Mrs. C assigned each child a state and gave them a blank cut out of their state.  They got to decorated it with various items that their states are known for.  We put the map up on the wall & today I got to add the major rivers to it. I used tissue paper. It turned out FANTASTIC! I may have to steal this idea for my own class one day.  Check it out.

SO great, right?! :)

Until this month I hadn't had a PB&J sandwich in aloooooooong time. But that is what I take Barrentt's for lunch just about everyday! Check out my lunch today :)

my favorite drink: Mountain Dew. 
Tamale Pringles[which are AWESOME btw].
 & my delicious PB&J. 

What makes my sandwich SO incrediblely awesome is the PEANUT BUTTER! I don't use just any old peanut butter. Oh no, I use the best pb EVER!

Peanut Butter & Co. If you haven't had their peanut butter you are seriously missing out.  I don't think I could ever eat regular peanut butter again.  There are quite a few flavors but these 3 are my favorites.  The Bee's Knee's[honey flavored], White Chocolate Wonderful, & Dark Chocolate Dream. You can get it at Target, Walmart, etc.  Go get you some.  It's heavenly. You won't be disappointed. :)



Josh said...


This is going to be so random, but I saw your blog post from Lauren McHugh's, well Ward's, facebook. I taught with her at Ellendale, BUT I was also at Barret's Chapel as an interim teacher in 3rd grade last school year. I just love all the things you've said about Barret's Chapel. It is a great place, and you are getting such good experience being there. I hope you continue to have a great time with Mrs. Clemens and everyone else!

~Lauren Mabry

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