Monday, September 6, 2010

sacred marriage

Last week Jon and I started a new devotional called: Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas.  It's 52 devotions that a couple {married or engaged} can do weekly for a year. BUT We are doing it everyday because our wedding day is just 34 weeks away :)

I was really excited about starting this devotional.  I am so in love with Jonathan and I want to be the best wife I can be for him.  I know that marriage always works best when God is at the center of it and I was excited to learn more about being a Godly wife.

I have learned so much in just the first week.  I am not just learning about being a Godly wife but I've also learned that by loving Jonathan, I can love God more deeply and HOW God can be glorified through our marriage.

I am learning the difference between being a spouse-centered spouse and a God-centered spouse.  Wanna know the difference?

Spouse-centered spouse                                                      
-acts nice when spouse is nice                                            
-accommodating as long as spouse gives attention                  
-goes out of way for spouse as long as spouse is affectionate and agreeable
-will romance if rewarded

GOD-centered spouse
-motivated by commitment to God rather that what spouse may give

I am not called to love Jon because he makes me happy (even though he does) or because he is a good christian (even though I am thankful for his love of Christ) or because he me makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside (even though he does). I am to love him because it will honor God.

I love this quote from the book: "...if you want to truly love God, look right now at the ring on your left hand, commit yourself to exploring anew what that ring represents, and love passionately, crazily, enduringly the fleshy person who put it there."

Whoa! I can learn to truly love God more by being totally committed to and loving Jonathan, the person I care for most in the world?! How awesome is that!

This book has got me thinking about marriage and my future husband it ways I have never thought of before.  Take yesterday's devotion for example. The title was: "God's Son, God's Daughter".  It gave me a new perspective of marriage, that  Jonathan is not only my future husband but a child of GOD. God made him and loves him more than I ever could, which is hard for me to grasp because I love him with my whole heart.  Just like a parent loves and wants to protect their child, God loves Jonathan and doesn't want others to mistreat him in any way.  So I need to always keep in mind that Jon is not just my fiance, but God's child.

It's only been a week, but I feel like I am learning something EVERY devotion that will help me to:
(1) be a better wife
(2) love others more
(3) love God more

I'm am excited to see what God is going to show me through this devotional.

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