Friday, September 24, 2010

toms for sale

A couple of weeks ago I bought two pairs of Tom's shoes from Journey's.  A white pair & a turquoise pair. Both size 8.  Normally I wear an 8 and a half but the white pair fit perfectly.  The turquoise pair felt a little small but they were the last pair they had in the store and they were so stinkin' cute! So, of course I took them anyways!

Later that week I wore the white pair to work.  They were SO comfy! So the next day I tried out my super cute turquoise ones, but unfortunately they are just too tight.  My feet were killing me by the end of work.  I needed an 8 in a half but it was too late to return them.

What I'm asking is if anyone is in the market for some size 8 size turquoise Tom's? [only worn once]

Tom's are so cute and VEFY comfortable [if you get the right size].  But what is so cool about them is that every pair of Tom's that is purchased they give a pair to a child in need.  Pretty cool stuff.

I paid 55 for them but I'll sell them for 25.  If you are interested email me: or send me a facebook message. Here are some pictures of them:

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