Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 4: Your parents.

When it comes to parents, I definitely have the best. Let me tell you about Raymond and Mimi Kelley....

My parents have been together FOREVER. Seriously.  They were more than just high school sweethearts, they were elementary school sweethearts! Yes. They started "dating" when my dad was 11 and my mom was 12, and they have been together ever since.  They were pretty much your typical couple in high school.  He was the athlete, she was the cheerleader.  You know the deal.  It was TRUE LOVE. They even have the same birthday, just one year apart. How cool is that?! They got married on August 4, 1984.  Three years later I was born and then two years after me came my sister, Brittany.

Facts about my dad:
1. He is VP Operations for Ledbetter Foods.  He has to travel A LOT. 
2. He is an only child.
3. He loves Tiger Basketball and Florida football.
4. I get my competitiveness from him.
5. He is definitely southern.  He LOVES to ride his horses and LOVES to deer hunt. 
6. At work they call him "Jim". Weird, I know.
7. When he has a baseball hat on people think he is my boyfriend, but soon as they see he is bald they know it isn't true! haha
8. He played football, basketball, and baseball in high school.  He had an opportunity to college football at Arkansas State, but broke a bone in his back his senior year.
9. I always dominate him in Words with Friends. [Dad, I hope you see this! haha]
10.  First man I ever loved.  Sorry Jon, but he will always have a piece of my heart. :)

Facts about my mom:
1. She is a nurse. 
2. People are always telling me I look like her.
3. She has two younger brothers.
4. I get my asthma from her.
5. She loves Memphis Basketball even more than my dad.  She is OBSESSED! They go to every game!
6. I'm more like her, my sister is more like my father.
7. She has the softest hair EVER!
8. She is the most selfless person I know. Always thinking of others before herself.
9. She loves old movies and musicals.
10. She is my best friend.
I am very blessed to have them as my parents.  They raised me in a Christian home and were a wonderful example of how to love Christ and each other. The have always been there for me and have completely supported me in everything I have wanted to do.  They never missed a basketball game or a dance recital. I am very thankful to them for always loving me and setting such a great example of how marriage should work.  They have showed me what God can do when He is at the center of a marriage.

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Becca said...


I'm a fairly new follower to your blog, and was going back to read some older posts. My parents were also married on August 4, 1984 and so were my in-laws! Crazy :).