Thursday, October 14, 2010

fun with graphing.

This week I taught a lesson to my fifth graders on graphing.
Line graphs. Bar graphs. Pie graphs. You get the picture.
Well I must say it went wonderfully! :) They were so engaged and made some awesome graphs!

Here's a quick summary of my lesson: I passed out cut out shoes I had made: dress shoes, casual shoes, and flip flops.  Then we went over the different types of graphs and how they can be used.  We worked some examples on the over head and we did graphing problems on the smart board. Now I'm going to stop right here and explain what a smart board is for those who may not know.

Smart boards are pretty much the coolest thing ever! Well maybe not for everyone, but if you ask any teacher how they feel about them, I think most would agree they are incredible tools for teaching.  I've heard someone describe it as a "giant iPad mounted the wall" and sorta is.  It's like a huge computer screen mounted on the wall that you can touch and write on.  It is great for any subject and the students love it!

They are actually writing on it! So cool, right?!

Ok back to the lesson....
Next I asked the students to hold up the shoes I gave them.  We counted each category and made a bar graph and a pie graph with the data. Then I split them into groups to make their own bar graphs.  I gave each group a different topic.  They worked so hard and the end result looked awesome! Each group got to present their graph to the class and we hung them all up on the wall.

Here is some photos from the lesson:

flip flop, casual shoe, and dress shoe cut outs :)

The display we made from their graphs. 

They did an awesome job! I'm super proud of them! :)

On another note......

TOMORROW is the kick off of Memphis Tiger basketball. MEMPHIS MADNESS! While I do enjoy football season, I am obsessed with Memphis basketball and I can't wait for their season to start! It all kicks off Friday night at the Fedex Forum for Memphis Madness.  I can't wait to see this year's team in action!

I came across a tshirt yesterday in the book store that I just had to have it. It will be PERFECT for Friday night!


Back. GREATEST tshirt ever :)


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