Thursday, October 7, 2010

you learn something new every day.

Last night one of my bridesmaid, Linsey, locked her keys in her car. :(

So annoying! I do this A LOT, so I felt so horrible when it happened to my sweet friend! She really did not want to pay a locksmith $50 to come open it AND her dad [who has gotten her back in her car before when she has done this] lives all the way in Somerville.  So we thought MAYBE we could give it a shot?

Linsey went ahead and told her dad to head our way.  I mean, what were the chances one of us three girls would get into this car?! None of us had ever done it before! But we ahead and went back to mine and Fallon's apartment to get a clothes hanger.  We thought we could at least try to work on it until her dad got there.  And about 5 or so minutes after we started working on it, I GOT IN!

We were ecstatic! You should have seen us.  Screaming. Jumping. Dancing. You would have thought we just one the super bowl! Luckily I had my camera with me to document our success :)



she was happy :)

Love my friends!

I felt so accomplished! Haha!

SO next time you lock your keys in your car, you know who to call. ;)

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