Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 14: A picture you love.

I was at my parents house in Somerville this past weekend and came across this picture.  I couldn't help but die out laughing! Katie Rhodes was my BEST friend growing up.  We did every thing together. And I mean EVERYTHING.  And whenever we hung out, it was always an adventure.

Let's take this picture for example.  When most little girls play "dress up" they put on high heels and tiaras and pretend to be princesses and models.  NOT Katie and I.  When we played dress up, we put on rubber gloves, stuffed the seat of our pants with pillows, got out last night left overs and pretended to be....wait for it....LUNCH LADIES!

You are probably wondering what in the heck we did all dressed up as cafeteria workers. Well, let me tell you.  Katie had this tape of Adam Sandler's Lunch Lady Land.  We would turn on the song and act out the words as he sang them.  Sounds INSANE, I know.  But I'm telling you we had a blast.  I still remember every word of that song.  If you have never heard it I put the YouTube video below. HILARIOUS.

Here is a present day picture of me and Katie with her adorable daughter, Audrey. They now live in Arkansas and even though we are far away, I still love to pull out all of our old pictures and remember the fun times we had.  I'm SO thankful for all of the wonderful memories[and pictures] I have with this sweet friend :)

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