Wednesday, December 15, 2010

hydrangeas, roses, & orchids. OH MY!

When we went the florist yesterday, I was SO happy to hear that all of flowers I wanted for the wedding would be in season! YAY! So let me tell you what I chose!

The bridesmaids bouquets will have green cymbidium orchids and green hydrangeas.
I think this will look amazing against the girls' deep purple dresses!

My bridal bouquet will have white peonies, green roses, and green cymbidium orchids.
It will look something like this. I just LOVE those green orchids!

The guy's boutonnieres will be a white rose with a touch of green.
I love purple ribbon!

The reception tables will have white table clothes with a purple overlay or runner.  The centerpieces will have a clear lantern with a white candle filled will green and white rose pedals.
Here's an example of the centerpieces.

The ceremony will have lots of greenery! Then we will have two arrangements of white, green, and purple flowers sitting on white columns.

Here is an example of the arrangements.

Only 143 more days until I'm Mrs. Griffin! :)


Jessica said...

Very pretty! LOVE that last arrangement!!

Heather said...

love the purple!!! i saw pictures of a purple wedding recently and fell in love!