Friday, January 28, 2011

99 days

...until I'm Mrs. Griffin! 

Between registering, choosing dates for showers, planning my bachelorette party, working on our house, and finishing the honeymoon details it's finally starting to hit me...THIS IS HAPPENING SOON! I can't wait to be Jonathan's wife.  :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

snow day update

Wow, I haven't been on this thing in forever. Since school has started back I've been neglecting my blog.  I'm going to try to do better. Let me update you on the past month.

Christmas: Christmas break was wonderful. It was full of family, good food, and relaxation.  Just what I needed :) Here are a few pictures from Christmas 2010. Jonathan got me a new camera for Christmas. I was SO excited!

 The "big" cousins. We were missing Graham and Annalise!
 My parents, grandmother, and great grandmother on Christmas morning.
 With my cousin Ryan on Christmas.
 My grandmother & cousin.
 The fam :)
Christmas dinner at the Griffins. Next Christmas we will be MARRIED!
Elizabeth (future sis-in-law) and Amy (one of my Alpha Gam sisters).

Birthday: Last Saturday I turned 24! I had a wonderful birthday lunch with my family, fiance, and roomie.  After Jon and I went shopping, had dinner at J. Alexanders, and watched Despicable Me (which is SO cute!)  Sunday was my family birthday party. It was a wonderful weekend!

 Bday goodies from Jon and Fallon! (no birthday is complete without GiGi's cupcakes!)
 Britt and Andrew Chase at my family birthday party.
 Jon and Cason.

 TWO yummy birthday cakes!
 love this boy!
 my guys
me. mom. & grandmother. 

Student Teaching: So far ST is going FANTASTIC! I had my first observation last week and it went great! I have an amazing mentor teacher and a wonderful class.  I am learning so much and really enjoying it!

Other news: My great grandmother has a house in Memphis that no one lives in. Over Christmas break my great-grandmother told Jon and I that we could live in there RENT FREE for as long as we'd like! The house definitely needs some work but we have until May to get in all ready for us to move in! We are so excited! 

Happy SNOW DAY :)