Friday, February 18, 2011

cupcake wars.

If you have read my blog at all you will know I am a cupcake lover. And that my favorite cupcakes come from Gigi's. Well last Friday night after our delicious [early] Valentine's day dinner at Folk's Folly Jonathan and I decided a Gigi's cupcake would be the perfect way to end our night. Unfortunately, they were already closed.  With cupcakes on the brain we decided to go to Muddy's.  I've had Muddy's cupcakes before and was not a fan, but I decided to give them a second chance in order to satisfy my cupcake craving.  And I'm so glad I did!  My plain jane cupcake (vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream) from Muddy's was sensational and now I have a DOUBLE cupcake obsession with Gigi's and Muddy's!

Gigi's cupcakes

Muddy's cupcakes

Luckily my sweet mentor teacher gave me a Gigi's cupcake on Monday so I was able to have both Muddy's and Gigi's cupcakes for V-day weekend :)  

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

what i'm loving wednesday

I'm loving aerie's cropped sweat pants. So comfy! I have them in this color & in navy!

I'm loving Danimals Coolison Strawberry/Banana yogurt. Yummm!

I'm loving McAlister's. I've been on a huge McAlister's kick lately! I've been three times this week and it is only Wednesday! I LOVE their new Fire Roasted Veggie soup!
I'm loving my Wednesday night bible study. 

I'm loving Starry Nights by Chris August.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

what He is doing in me

I grew up in church. My parents made sure my sister and I were there every Sunday and every Wednesday night. And I LOVED my church. All of my friends went there. I had a wonderful Sunday School class and a tight-knit youth group.  I accepted Jesus as my Savior at a very young age.  I was a leader in my youth group. I stood up to peer pressure in high school and I didn't care if I missed the wild parties on the weekends because I knew God didn't want me to be there.

Then came college.

I stopped attending church regularly. I found it more "fun" to stay up late on Saturday nights and sleep all day on Sunday than to go to church.  I started living for my self instead of living for Christ.  I was more concerned about the things this world considered important rather than what God considered important.  I stopped focusing on having a personal relationship with my Savior and focused on finding an earthly relationship. I felt since I was in college it was time to be in a serious relationship. So I dated.  But I kept getting disappointed.  I was so frustrated with dating and was ready to call it quits.  I finally prayed and told God I was sick and tired of the whole dating process.  I gave it all to Him. If it was His plan for me to get married then I would, if not then I would accept it. 

A few months later in December 2009 I started to date Jonathan. Shortly after we got together we knew we would get married.  I finally started to think about my future.  I knew it was time to find a church in Memphis.  We started attending Highpoint Church together.  I first went to Highpoint with my uncle when I was in high school and I went there on and off throughout my college career. So I decided why not start there. Highpoint is an amazing church.  We went for a few months and I learned a lot.  However; I did not feel like it was the place God wanted us to be.  I became very discouraged.  I was starting to think I wouldn't be able to find a church home in Memphis.  A little over a month ago Jonathan suggested we go to Bellevue Baptist Church, the church he went to all his life and where his family still attends.  I was hesitant at first. Bellevue is HUGE and coming from such a small church in Somerville, I didn't think I would like it.

I was wrong.  Bellevue has been such a blessing to me! I have finally found were God wants me to be.  Where God wants US to be.  I can't even express the peace that brings.  I look forward to every service and I can't wait to see what God is going to do in our lives through Bellevue.

The most important thing is that my relationship with Christ is better than it has EVER been. I start and end each day with prayer and the reading of scripture. Through prayer He has revealed to me my sins and is giving me the strength to resist temptation.  My love for Him is growing and growing and because of this my desire to sin is becoming less and less.  I am SO thankful for a Savior that never gives on us.  His love for us is impossible for me to comprehend but I'm so grateful for it.  

I am becoming more and more exciting about getting married!  I've been reading a book called Sacred Marriage.  Through this book God has taught me so much about why He created marriage and now I'm more ready than ever to become Jonathan's wife! In the book the author (Gary Thomas) poses this question, "What if God designed marriage to make us more holy than to make us happy?" I think Gary hit the nail on the head! God created marriage to glorify Him! I know that our marriage won't always be perfect.  There will be hard times, but I know that God will use any struggle to build our character and help us become more like Him. I thank God everyday for creating marriage and for allowing me be Jonathan's wife. I can't wait to see how God is going to use our marriage to draw us closer to Him!  I'm just a little excited, can ya tell??!! :)

Sorry for the rambling but my heart is SO incredibly full right now and just can't hold it in!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

what i'm loving wednesday

I've decided to link up for my first What I'm Loving Wednesday! Here is what I am loving this week:

I'm loving that I get another SNOW DAY tomorrow!

I'm loving the K LOVE iPhone app! When I'm in my car my radio is always tuned to 94.9 and now I can take it with me everywhere I go :) 

I'm loving my new Coach keychain wallet. This week I switched out my bulky wallet for this Coach keychain one. I have so much more room in my purse now!

I'm loving El Charrito frozen meals. I'm obsessed with these. So delicious and so CHEAP! $1 at Wal-Mart!
I'm loving Tangled. I had been dying to see this movie and I FINALLY did last weekend! It was super cute!

I'm loving Exodus 14:14.
"The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

new shoes.

Since I changed my wedding colors, I decided the teal shoes I previously purchased just weren't going to work.  I also decided I wanted to wear flats instead of heels. I think heels are adorable, but they KILL my feet.  I [maybe] wear heels a few times a year. So I got to thinking: Should I really try to wear heels on my wedding day and be consistently thinking how much my feet hurt?  NO. Not worth it. Plus...I am 5'7. Jonathan is 5'9. Enough said.

So I started to hunt for cute flats! I googled and googled and googled! I googled: bridal flats, white flats, cream flats, purple flats, jeweled flats, glitter flats...etc.  I FINALLY found a pair of Vera Wang flats I was in love with. Only problem: they cost $275. No way I would EVER pay that much for shoes.  So I did some more googling and I found a pair of look-a-likes from Express for $40!

Vera Wang flats 
The Express flats. 
MY wedding shoes :)
They are super comfy & so adorable!