Tuesday, February 8, 2011

new shoes.

Since I changed my wedding colors, I decided the teal shoes I previously purchased just weren't going to work.  I also decided I wanted to wear flats instead of heels. I think heels are adorable, but they KILL my feet.  I [maybe] wear heels a few times a year. So I got to thinking: Should I really try to wear heels on my wedding day and be consistently thinking how much my feet hurt?  NO. Not worth it. Plus...I am 5'7. Jonathan is 5'9. Enough said.

So I started to hunt for cute flats! I googled and googled and googled! I googled: bridal flats, white flats, cream flats, purple flats, jeweled flats, glitter flats...etc.  I FINALLY found a pair of Vera Wang flats I was in love with. Only problem: they cost $275. No way I would EVER pay that much for shoes.  So I did some more googling and I found a pair of look-a-likes from Express for $40!

Vera Wang flats 
The Express flats. 
MY wedding shoes :)
They are super comfy & so adorable!

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Abbey said...

They are perfect! So excited for you!!