Tuesday, June 14, 2011

bridesmaid hair.

For Mac's wedding we are getting ready/getting our hair done at the same place me & my bridesmaids did before my wedding: 

Southern Roots Salon on the square in Somerville. 

This place is adorable and we had a blast getting ready there.
They even provided drinks & some yummy snacks!
They did a great job for my wedding & I know they do the same for Mackenzies!

I have four days to decide how I want to wear my hair for the wedding.
I know for sure I want it up. 
It's cool. Cute. And I won't have to worry about it falling.

I have two styles in mind.

{1} Side pony tail

 I think this is just adorable. 
 I love this too. Just maybe not quite as messy.

{2} Low curly bun.
 So cute!
This is really simliar to how I wore my hair at my own wedding. Just a little less curl.

Now which to choose?

1 comment:

Abbey said...

Ahhh... I love them both!! I guess it depends on how formal your dress is.