Monday, June 27, 2011

It's Monday, but it's OK because....

{one} My husband is amazing.
I can be difficult at times. I'll admit it.
But my husband is a saint.
He is always kind. Always loving. Always supportive.
I've been extra stressed the past few days worrying about jobs/interviews & Jonathan has been so stinkin' great.
Constantly praying for me & encouraging me.
I'm EXTRA thankful for my sweet man this week.

{two} I now own all 9 seasons of Seinfeld!
I love this show! It's absolutely hilarious!
Jon & I have been watching it every night before we go to sleep.
This weekend I finally bought the last two seasons to complete the series!

{three} There are only 19 more days until this comes out!
HP love. :)

{four} I finally changed my name on my driver's license!
Valerie Kelley Griffin!

{five} I'm officially a TEACHER!

I'm SO excited about teaching Kindergarten!
I just can't get over it! :)

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