Friday, June 17, 2011

the one piece.

I know. I know. Most girls cringe at the thought of the dreaded one piece swimsuit. And until this week, I was right there with you.


Lately {since I'm sick and stuck at home}, I have been browsing online & found some really amazing one pieces. Seriously. And they're not made for woman who are trying to hide something.

Still don't believe me, do you?!

Ok. I don't blame you. Let me show you.....

Great colors.
Love the ruffle.
I just think this one is SO flattering.
I like the neckline & how it fits on the legs. 
Oh & that the bow. 
Lovely coral color.
Great belt.
Almost a one piece.
I really like this color on tan skin.
Sexy little suit.
Love it with the gold hoops & hat.
{not that I'm EVER that fancy when I lay out}
I LOVE navy & white.
Not loving this one as much as the rest
but it looks great on this girl.
Another tankini I think.
Nevertheless, fabulous.
Sweet & girly.
Love the top & the little ruffle.
These stripes are FANTASTIC!
I love this one!

See what I mean?
I don't know about you, but these suits have definitely changed my mind about one pieces.
They can be super cute!
 {& a even a little sexy ;)}
I MIGHT just have to get me one. :)
& if not at least I know when I'm a mommy there are cute options out there.
so I don't have to look like this...

Happy Friday!

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Abbey said...

Bahahahhahaha!! The thing is... I have been looking ALL season for a sexy, young one piece. I have tried on several... I still have not found THE one. I will be that lady in the last picture in July : ( Will you go shopping with me and help me find one?!?!? Actually, will you just be my personal trainer and then maybe I can wear a two piece..... maybe