Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our Magical Honeymoon::Part Two.

*Day 2*

Monday morning our lack of sleep finally caught with us. So we slept in then headed back to EPCOT for lunch.

 We went to "Canada" to have lunch at Le Cellier Steakhouse! It was AMAZING! 
One of the best meals of the trip!
 The bread was incredible! They gave us three different kinds, but the BEST was their pretzel bread. I'm determined to learn to make it!
 Best steak I've ever had. No doubt about it.
After lunch we took the Magical Express to Animal Kingdom for rest of the afternoon.
Tree of Life.

 This is us on the Safari.  
 The giraffe got SO close!

 Riding Everest. Such a fun coaster!
 After we got back to our room and showered, we walked over to ESPN Club to watch the Grizzles game. 
 We loved eating wings & watching the game on the big screen!

*Day 3*

Tuesday we spent the day at Hollywoods Studios.

 Tower of Terror is our favorite ride! We rode it ten times! We really couldn't have picked a better time to go to Disney. All the lines were so short for everything!
Can you find us?
{Hint: We are the only two with our hands in the air! :)}
 Judy Garland's footprints in the ruby slippers. I love Judy!

 Jonathan with some Pirates of the Caribbean props.

*Day 4*

On Wednesday we spent the day at The Magic Kingdom.
 The beautiful castle.
 Splash Mountain
 I had to get a Pineapple Float in Adventure land. 
It's dole whip {pineapple soft serve} & pineapple juice.
Absolutely AMAZING!
We had the best time :)

Check back tomorrow for the third & final part of: 
Our Magical Honeymoon!

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