Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July weekend.

Jonathan & I had a great four day weekend.
What did we do?
Actually. A whole lot of nothing.
But we had so much fun together.
I love weekends when we can do whatever we feel like.
I just love being with him. :)

For the second Friday night in a row we had
Chinese food & cupcakes.
Mmm mmm! Fridays maybe my favorite day of the week now. :)
Princess for me.
{Strawberry cake+vanilla buttercream}
Midnight Magic for him.
{Chocolate cake+chocolate butter cream}

We spent Saturday at my parents house.
And it was heaven.
Food & pool time with family & friends.
Just what I needed!

Dinner was AMAZING!
The beef was actually left over from our wedding. 
So. stinking. good.

I made banana pudding for dessert.
It's Paula Deen's recipe & it's DELICIOUS!
If you're looking for an amazing banana pudding recipe this is it!
Here is the recipe: Paula Deen's "Not Yo Mama's Banana Pudding"

After church on Sunday we had lunch with his parents 
& then we did a little shopping.
That afternoon I went to the gym while Jonathan saw Transformers 3 with some of his friends.
That night we watched some LOST on Netflix.
I started watching LOST a few months ago with Fallon but once school got crazy we stopped.
I'm happy to finally be watching again, this show is great!

That night I made this simple and delicious soft serve out of just 3 ingredients and NONE of them were dairy products!
Can you guess the main ingredient?!
I'll tell you soon :)

Monday morning we did housework & went the gym.
Even though both our families' were cooking out for the 4th we decided to stay in Memphis & have a date.
We had lunch at Panera & saw Super 8.
Lunch was wonderful!
But the movie was not...
It got good reviews, so we had high hopes.
It was good at first, but then it got weird....
REALLY weird.
I was so happy when it finally ended!

That night we can home to Stouffer's lasagna & more LOST.

I absolutely LOVED my four day weekend with my sweet husband. I hope your Fourth of July weekend was wonderful as well :)

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