Tuesday, July 12, 2011

classroom goodies

One major drawback of being a first year teacher is that you start out with NOTHING for your classroom. Well at least I did. And boy, that stuff can be expensive. I'm a recent college grad AND a newlywed. In other words: I'm not rolling in the dough right now. So I was hoping to find some good deals on some classroom items.

And I did :)

Thank you Target dollar section & Goodwill!

From Target:
Mini dry erase boards. 
$1 each.
Dry erase markers. 2 in each pack.
$1 per pack.
$1 for both.
Birthday certificates.
Alphabet Bingo. I bought 4 of these.
$1 each.
Flashcards for Insects, Animals, & Rhyming Words.
$1 each.
Foam blocks.
$1 each.
Microphone. I'm going to use it for circle time.
$1 each.
Top row was $2.50, all others $1!
Sticker books.
$1 per pack.
Hall passes.
$1 each.
$1 each.
I'm going to use these guys for sharpened & unsharpened pencils to cut down time at the pencil sharpener.
$1 for three.
 Bulletin board kit for 100 days of school.
Bulletin board kit.
Bulletin Board kit.

From Goodwill:
23 books for $28.00!

From Knowledge Tree:
Sing along Flip Chart & CD.
$19.00. Not cheap but I really like it!
First page of Flip Chart.
"How do we get home?" Chart.
$12.99. My mom loved it, so she got it for me.
For colors.
$12.99. Also from mom.

I'm super excited about all my finds! 
I can't wait to get more things for my classroom!


Kari Beth said...

girl! you won my giveway at kbislivingthehighlife.blogspot.com!
congratulations. i'm so excited to make you a wreath. thank you for being a loyal reader :)
email me at thehighlifeblog(at)gmail(dot)com

Erica said...

I got a bunch of that same stuff from Target a few weeks ago! That dollar section was like hitting a jackpot!!!!