Wednesday, July 6, 2011

healthy soft serve with NO dairy!

Remember the soft serve I was telling about you here?
Could you guess what it was made out of?


Yes, it is possible to make soft serve out of nothing but bananas!
{but you can add in mix-ins for extra favor}

This is what you do....

First slice up bananas {one per person} & put in the freezer.

Next put the frozen bananas in the food processor.

At first it will look like this, but keep going! It's almost there!
{you'll probably need to scrape the sides every now & then}

Then it turns to yummy banana soft serve!
{Yes. That is just banana! Crazy, huh?!}

Now it is time to add mix ins! For this batch I mixed in cocoa powder & peanut butter.

The finished product with a little whipped cream....

Last night I made a second batch for Fallon & Linsey. This time the mix-ins were: vanilla extract, honey, and peanut butter. This combo was even better than the first! You don't even have to add mix-ins. It's delicious on its own!

See how simple it is?! Plus is so yummy & good for you! Give it a try!

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