Friday, October 14, 2011

10 YOU Challenge: ten secrets

I know I am way behind and most of you have already done this challenge, but it looks way too fun not to do! So here I go!

10 Secrets
1. I drink way too much Diet Mountain Dew. At least one day. Most of the time two. Sometimes even three.
2. I love to organize, but hate to clean. I want everything in its place, but I hate to scrub or vacuum. Oh how I hate vacuuming! Luckily my sweet husband does all the vacuuming in our home :)

3. I sleep with the TV on. Always have. But as I have gotten older, I've gotten more specific about what has to be playing as a fall asleep. No regular TV. Oh no. NO COMMERCIALS! But no movies either. So I always put in a DVD of one of my favorite TV series. FRIENDS, King of Queens, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, etc.... And now my husband has to sleep with the TV on too. He told me had put in FRIENDS every night while I was in San Diego. I'm a bad influence...
4. I hate leaving cereal in their boxes. As soon as they come home from the store they go in one of these plastic containers.

5. I have a sunglasses addiction. Especially cheap ones. Yes, I have two pairs of Ray Bans. BUT the other 10 pairs I own cost about $5-$10. And for me when it comes to my shades, the bigger the better :)

6. I am way too competitive. About everything. But mostly sports. Love my Tigers, Grizzlies,  Razorbacks, and whoever is playing against the Vols!

7. I have huge sweet tooth. It has gotten worse over the years. I have to have a little something sweet after every meal. My favorites though are cupcakes and brownies. Mmmm mmm!

8. I strongly dislike cats. They are so gross. And they scare me.

9. Like most woman, I spend way too much time browsing Pinterest.

10. I absolutely adore my husband. {Like little girls adore Justin Bieber. HA! But seriously, though!} I am married to the sweetest, most loving man. He amazes me more everyday with the love he has for me. He is so kind, patient, supportive, helpful, hilarious, and loves me like I never thought possible. He always puts my wants and needs above his own and treats me like a princess. I still amazes me that he picked ME to be his wife. I love him more everyday and I can't wait to grow old with my best friend. :)

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