Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Book love: Safe Haven.

I'm back from California! [but more on that later]
This post is a book review for Nicholas Spark's Safe Haven.
First off, I'm a HUGE Nicholas Sparks fan. He is my second favorite author [right behind J.K. Rowling]. He is the author that made me fall in love with reading.

The summer in between my junior and senior year of high school, I worked at the Somerville Country Club. On rainy or cloudy days I would be the only person at the pool ALL day long. I needed something to occupy my time. In stepped Nicholas Sparks. My boyfriend's mom suggested reading to pass the time and handed me Nicholas Spark's The Guardian. And right there began my love affair with reading.

Okay, so back to Safe Haven. I'd been dying to read this book since it first came out. So I was thrilled when my mom gave it to me to read on the flight to Cali. She had just finished it and raved about how great it was. I didn't read any of it on the way up there because we watched movies the whole time. But on the way back I started reading it in the airport and I couldn't put it down. Read it in a day. It was wonderful. The characters were so lovable and like all Nicholas Spark's books, it had a sweet twist at the end.

Safe Haven has to be one of my all time favorite Nicholas Spark's novels. I've heard rumors it might become a movie. I sure hope so! :)

Happy Hump Day!

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Julie Holt said...

Ooh! Thanks for the suggestion - I've been looking for another good book to read! Just finished Unbroken and it was great if you're looking for another good read.