Friday, October 21, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday.

1.   Nothing says fall like: seeing the leaves change colors and fresh baked treats!

2.   My favorite autumnal tradition is:  PUMPKIN CARVING! So fun :)

3.  My favorite fall treat is:   pumpkin cheesecake. Oh my yumminess. I can't wait to make it again this year for Thanksgiving!

4. Fall makes me think of    family    because   lots of holiday fun is right around the corner!

5.  Autumn free form word association, go:    football, hoodies, coffee, cuddling, scarves, pumpkin flavored foods, candles, leaves, boots...I could go on forever!

6.  My go-to outfit in the fall is : skinny jeans, sweater, scarf & boots.
7.  My favorite fall holiday is (Halloween or Thanksgiving):  Thanksgiving. Yummy food & family time. There is nothing better :)

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