Monday, October 3, 2011

November 11

Just found out HP7.2 comes out on blu-ray in November.
So stoked. 
I can't wait to watch it again! It definitely did the book justice!

I also noticed that same week the next Twilight movie comes out in theaters. What a coincidence! haha I found these HP vs. Twilight posts on Pinterest this week. Sorry to any Twilight fans, but these crack me up. And yes. I have read all four Twilight books and they were okay. I tried to watch the movies but just couldn't do it. 

(For those of you who didn't know Robert Pattinson was in the 4th HP film)

Selfless love. So romantic :) I cried my eyes out that ENTIRE chapter.

Needless to say that week in November will be a happy one for both HP & Twilight fans. :)

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