Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MW3/The Choice

This arrived in the mail yesterday....
...& ever since my hubs has been a giddy little boy playing xbox with his bffs. Hehe! :)

 The instant he got home from work yesterday he started playing & didn't get off til about 11.
So what did I do while he is gaming?
I made my butt get up & go to the gym, 
then FINALLY finished reading The Choice.
This book was okay. Nothing special.
It was a sweet love story of course, 
but nothing like Nicholas Sparks other novels.
It was really slow and I had to force myself to keep reading...
I'm just happy to have finished it because tonight I'm finally going to start: THE HUNGER GAMES!

Hope everyone is had a fantastic Wednesday!
 I'm going to get back to watching the CMAs!

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Amy Nix said...

You will love The Hunger Games! I read all 3 in less than a week! Enjoy!