Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh Target.

Hello ladies! 
Hope you all are having a lovely Thursday. 

I made a Target run this afternoon to get a bath mat. Just a bath mat. 

Yeah, right.

I decided to check out the shoes & found two FULL rows of shoes on clearance.
Flats. Heels. Boots. Wedges. Oxfords. Rain boots. All 30% off. 
So if you've been eyeing some shoes at Target recently, now is the time to go!
I stumbled upon these beauties.
An adorable pair of black suede wedges. $10 off.
So darling. They looked fabulous with my skinny jeans. I had to get them.

I always end my Target trips by browsing the dollar section.
They had lots of cute Christmas gift bags & wrapping paper. I stocked up!
So cute for just a dollar each!

They had some super cute Christmas cupcake decorations.
I got three cupcake decor sets. Some red & green sprinkles. & an icing dispenser with four different decorative tips. {I've always wanted one!}
I'm all ready for some baking!

And I picked up this little metal tree.
It was a splurge at $2.50 :)
It's the first and ONLY decoration we have up.

I think it's time to get the tree out! However; Jonathan says I have to wait until after Thanksgiving...
We'll see about that ;)

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