Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Bridal Quartet Series.

I finished The Son of Neptune yesterday. Loved it.
 Don't love that I have to wait until Fall 2012 for the third book. :(

So what am I reading now?
I started reading Nora Roberts' The Bridal Quartet series almost a year ago. It is quite possibly the cutest series ever. Its about four best friends in their twenties who decide to start a wedding business. One is the wedding planner. One is the florist. One is the photographer. And one makes the cakes. 

Four girls. Four books. Four love stories.  
So they each get to be the star {aka main character} of one of book & that book is told from their point of view.

I read the first three and LOVED them. These four girls are so lovable & so are each of their love interests. However; I never made it to the last book because I lost it in May when we moved into our house. Then I forgot about it until last week when I found it in a box of books I forgot to unpack!
Yessss! I'm so stinking excited to finish this series. I started reading last night & I feel like I've been reunited with four old friends. I've missed these girls.  :) 

ANY girl would love this series. Four best friends, four love stories, & lots of wedding fun! 


Delta Daisies said...

i will have to read these over Christmas break!!!

P!nky said...

Looks like I found a new book series!!!

Thanks for sharing!