Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Christmas Goodies

I already showed y'all what Jonathan & I got each other, but here are a few of the gifts we received this Christmas from our families.

I got...

Fossil Stella Watch
Because you can never have too many watches :) Thank you mom & dad!

Philosophy's Great Skin is In
I've only been using this kit for a few of days, but my skin already feels AMAZING!

Bumble & Bumble Creme de Coco Shampoo & Conditioner

This stuff is LUSCIOUS! And it has an incredible smell! 

Razorbacks Nike Shorts.

Dessert holder
From my dear mother in law. So adorable.

A label maker
My inner nerd is super excited about this! :) haha

Viva La Juicy perfume
One of my favorite scents :)

VS Yoga Leggings
I'm obsessed with VS leggings at the moment. :)

A set of Memphis cups
Go Tigers!

The first book in the Kane Chronicles series.
A gift from my brother law.
This is the same author that wrote the Percy Jackson series, which I LOVE!
This series about about Egyptian mythology. I'm excited to read it!

Along with these goodies I received: clothes, scarves, money, make-up, earrings, K-cups, & gift cards to Old Navy, Barnes and Noble, and some restuarants.

What did the hubs get from our families?
camo jacket
LOTS of socks
iPhone 4s & a camo Otterbox 
G-shock watch
hunting stuff
gift cards & money

We must have been good this year! :)


Tamara said...

I got some VS Yoga Leggings too... SO comfy!

Alyssa said...

I am obsessed with all things VS haha! I just love that store!

Pamela said...

Well look at yall racking up! My husband wants an iPhone & camo otterbox as well! Hopefully soon! The leggings look so comfy!!

P!nky said...

That is some awesome and swanky stuff!

I love the watch and what an adorable dessert carrier, how sweet!

Happy New year girlie! xoxo

Jessica said...

I love the watch, great color! I have used that shampoo & conditioner before, love it.... but I am always up for something different... more volumizing haha

Elizabeth said...

I love that watch so cute! I may need to check out that book series - sounds interesting!