Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals for the new year

I have never been one for "New Year's Resolutions", but I've decided to create some challenges for myself for the upcoming year. Most are little things that should be easy to accomplish, but I think will be fun to do & could benefit me this year.

1. Run a half marathon.
This is a BIG one. This one won't be easy, but will be so rewarding.
& it's happening April 28 in Nashville!

2. Complete the Jesus is Calling year long devotional.
My mother LOVES this devotional and she loves to give it as a gift.
She gave me it to me recently & I think I will be a great daily devotional for 2012.
So far, I am really enjoying it.

3. Bake more.
I cook ALL the time, but baking? Not so much. Which is strange, because I love to bake! I'm determined to bake more in 2012. I have a wonderful Kitchen-aid stand mixer that I WILL be using much more this year.
My goal=bake at least one one yummy treat a month.

4. Try one new recipe a week.
I cook a good bit. At least 3-4 times a week, but lately I haven't been trying as many new recipes as I used to. At the beginning of our marriage I was super adventurous in the kitchen & tried new recipes all the time. But now I have my favorite go to recipes that I always turn to. I've decided in 2012 I will try at least one new recipe a week! Sounds easy enough :)

5. Take care of my skin.
I'm about to be 25 {eeek!} & its time to start taking care of my skin. I have NEVER been good about washing my face. Sad, but true. Normally I just throw some water on it while I'm showering & that's it. But that is going to change. I got the Philosophy Great Skin is In kit for Christmas & I'm already loving it. I actually enjoy washing my face now! I also just got Philosophy's Amazing Grace Firming Lotion for my body. So here's to great skin in 2012!

6. Plan fun dates for my husband.
I'm already working on something fun for this. I'll give you the details soon :)

7. Read one book a month
I love to read & I have list of books I want to read that is a mile long.
One book a month is totally doable. Some months I can probably even read two.
 This should be an easy & FUN goal.

8. Eliminate diet drinks.
I have always been a HUGE diet mountain dew & diet coke drinker. However; since I've started training for the half marathon, I've cut back to about one or two month. In fact; a couple of weeks ago I was drinking a diet coke at Qdoba and had to switch to water, because it made me feel sick. So, I think I'm well on my way to a soda free year!

9. Maintain my healthy lifestyle.
I'm in the best shape of my life. For the first time maybe ever, I'm happy with my body. I eat healthy{most of the time} & workout 5-6 days a week. And I LOVE doing it! In the past two years I've completely changed my mindset when it comes to food & exercise, so I don't think it will be hard to keep it up! The goal isn't to be skinny. The goal is to be healthy & strong. I don't want a Victoria Secret model's body, I just want my body to be the best it can be.

10. Be the BEST Christian, wife, daughter, sister & friend I can be.
Kinda generic, yes. But I mean it.
I have been blessed with some amazing people in my life & they deserve my best.
And of course, Christ deserves my best. I'm asking the Lord to give me teachable spirit & mold me into the woman HE wants me to be this year. Giving EVERYTHING to God & allowing Him do a work in me.

So here's to an amazing 2012 :)


Michelle P said...

Good luck with your goals!

Pamela said...

Love your goals! I am the same way with my face :/ I def need to work on it! One of my goals are to quit drinking soda as well! I've done it before & felt so much better! Good luck :)

Sunkissed and Southern said...

good goals! im wrapping mine up and many are the same! ha

Delta Daisies said...

i love your goals!

Erica said...

I like your try one new recipe a week thing. That seems easy enough to keep up with, I think I will do that too, because I am like you with my go-to recipes. I need to spice it up!

P!nky said...

Those are great goals, I am sure you will be able to accomplish them!

I'm with you on drinking more water, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and trying new recipies!


Sarah said...

I am thinking about starting that devotional book as well, I have heard great things about it! And you are making me want to try Philosophy's skin care - I am not good at washing/taking care of my skin either! Love all of your goals :)

Kristen said...

Those sound like great goals!

And I agree with the pop thing, once you stay away from it for a while, it's kind of gross to start it up again.

Ashley Eliza said...

what great goals! i definatly need to drink more water!!!

SO happy i found your blog!


Elizabeth said...

Those are great goals! I did a half marathon almost 6 years ago and loved it. It was so fun! And then you can buy one of those stickers for your back window on your car that says 13.1 =).

Ana Magdalena said...

These goals are fantastic. You have a very nice blog, xo


Leenie said...

These are great goals! I always love reading people's resolutions. I think I love to read it more than I do some myself. Haha. Anyway, good luck and happy new year!

lori said...

these are great goals. you are so inspiring :) i have some of the same myself... id like to read more as well... i joined a blogger book club to help me get back into it. (the button for it is on the right side of my blog if you want to check it out).

and if you have any good healthy recipes, id definitely love for you to post and share them!

Brittany said...

Wonderful goals! You've inspired me to set some for myself (and hopefully see them through).

Brooke said...

Just found your blog, and is it weird to say that I'll be a long-time stalker after only reading a few posts?

Great resolutions :)