Monday, January 9, 2012

I heart my Kindle Fire

Hello ladies! Hope your day is going great so far.
I'm currently sipping on my newest juicing concoction. And it is SO delicious!
1 orange+1 apple+a handful of spinach+5 strawberries
Seriously LOVING this juicer. It's challenging my Keurig for the title of my favorite appliance!

Okay, so back to reason for this post: My Kindle :)

I have to admit I used to be very against e-readers. Why? Because I am a book lover. 
I love buying books. I love turning the pages. I love sharing my favorite books with my friends.
I never saw myself owning a Kindle or Nook until my husband gave me a Kindle Fire this Christmas.

 My first impression was WOW! 
I never knew all the things you could do on this thing. 
Like...watching Netflix, reading magazines, playing games, checking facebook, updating my blog :) 

Without a doubt, this thing is awesome. The only question is: how I would like actually reading on it?!

Kristen Hannah is one of my favorite authors and she put out a FREE short story ebook.
I knew it would be the perfect first read to test out my Kindle.

Let me just say, I LOVE reading on my Kindle Fire! It's so light and much more comfortable to hold than a book.  Oh and I REALLY love that I can get magazine subscriptions on my Kindle! Last week I purchased two subscriptions. Shape magazine for $1.50 a month & Cosmopolitan for $1.99 a month. 
It is so fun to read these magazines on my Kindle!

And this is the e-reader case purchased from Vera Bradley.
LOVE! The pattern is called Tea Garden in case you were wondering. :)

 I'm so glad Jonathan gave me this Kindle Fire for Christmas. Great gift. Good job, honey :)

I have a HUGE list of books I want to read, but I always love getting recommendations from friends.
 So, what books should I download to my Kindle Fire? Any suggestions?


Whitney said...

I got a Nook Color for Christmas last year and love it. But I do agree, I love holding a book and flipping the pages myself, so I continue purchasing the real deal :) What kind of juicer do you use?? I'm thinking of getting one!

Cristie Young said...

Um, your juice concoction looks delicious! Yum! And I love that you have a Kindle Fire. I got an Ipad last year and I love reading books on it. I also love holding books, but the great thing about an e-reader is that its small and you can multitask and read books at the same time!

Delta Daisies said...

Love that Vera Bradley kindle cover!

P!nky said...

I don't have a Kindle Fire but I LOVE my KINDLE! Love reading books on my Kindle, even though I'm a book lover too! I might try the cook you suggested, thanks girlie!

Have a great day!


Morgan Neal said...

Marshmallows for breakfast!

Anna said...

hm. I might have to look into getting one of these, but mostly for the other features (netflix, internet access, etc.) :) I don't think I'll ever fully stop reading 'real' books, but it'd be nice to have an alternative.

Faith said...

yay that you love it! i would love a kindle but i have to start reading again :/

and that drinks sounds so delish! i want some :)

Ana said...

I love my e-reader. I get books from the library and devour all of them plus what I buy online. It's a great way to pass time on the commute and have a little "me" time everyday.

Married...with a Pup said...

I was the EXACT same way before getting a Nook for Christmas last year. I loved books; but after reading on my Nook, I don't regret it at all!

Page Twenty-Two said...

I'm going to steal that juice recipe:) I tried one this morning that had grapes, banana, pineapple and spinach - yum! Thanks for posting your review on the Kindle! I was thinking of getting one:)

Jenna said...

I love my Kindle Fire too. I haven't figured it all out yet but it is fun! I have been watching Grey's Anatomy like crazy on mine. Have you read the Hunger Game trilogy yet? It is amazing!

Kristin said...

LOVE that case!!

Tiffany said...

I was ver skeptical of having a nook or kindle myself! I love my books! However I agree with u I have loved my nook! I do have a hard time getting off the games and net to enjoy a book though! You should def post a list of some of ur fav books!!