Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday.

First Wednesday of the new year :) I'm hoping the first week of 2012 is treating you well!

I'm loving that I'm officially registered for my first half marathon.
There's no turning back now! I'm so excited for 4.28.12! {& for the 5k on 2.25.12!}

I'm loving that the Cotton Bowl is Friday night.
Go HOGS! WPS! :)

I'm loving cottage cheese.
I JUST tried cottage cheese for the first time on Sunday.
 I didn't know what to expect, but I really like it! It makes a great afternoon snack! 

I'm loving Philosophy's Amazing Grace Body Firming Lotion.
I'm so in love with this lotion. It's totally worth every penny. Feels & smells so good!

I'm loving Bobbi Brown eyeliner.
My eyes water all the time & I've always had problems with my eye liner running.
Not anymore. This eyeliner is FABULOUS!

I'm loving these tortoise cat eye shades.
I need a pair. Most definitely.

I'm loving this top from Urban Outfitters.
So cute.

I'm loving Psalm 139:5.
What a comforting verse! 

I'm loving Drive All Night by Needtobreathe.
They're my all time favorite. & I just love this song.

Have a lovely Wednesday, ladies!


P!nky said...

WOOOHOOO!!! You get that Half marathon girl! I'll be cheering you on :)!

That top is super super cute, might have to check out Urban Outfitters now ;)!

What a great great verse, thanks for sharing!

Happy Wednesday, xoxo

Natasha said...

i ran the CMM 1/2 two years ago and it is a're going to have so much fun!! good luck in training, too

Kit said...

That half marathon is going to be so fun!!!

Kristen said...

Good luck on the half marathon! Seems like a lot of bloggers are out there doing one....I think the universe is trying to tell me something. ;)

Sarah said...

Yay for the 1/2 marathon!!

Pamela said...

Yay for your marathon!! Just listened to that song first time, love it!

Elizabeth said...

Love that verse -needed to see that today! You should try eating pineapple or cantaloupe with your cottage cheese - it's really yummy!

Delta Daisies said...


lori said...

love that verse.

and cottage cheese is pretty good! i like it with grapes... do you eat the nonfat kid? it doesn't taste as good... but idk how good the reg stuff is for you?

Tiffany said...

I absolutely love that verse. It's such encouragement. Congratulations on being signed up for your first 1/2 marathon! That is on my list of things I want to do but I'm lacing a bit of motivation at the present. Ha!

Jenna@TheLifeoftheWife said...

I can't understand why people like cottage cheese! :) I'm sorry, my hubby loves it must be the texture I don't like! Everything else on your list I love though!! HA!


Hannah said...

the half marathon will be a lot of fun. I ran one last year and was pleasantly surprised with how much fun I had running it. and now you've got me thinking about signing up for another one... maybe : ) Have fun training!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i'm loving that top from urban outfiters, just gorgeous! congrats for signing up for a half marathon!! i know the music will help you along those 13.1 miles