Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I'm {not} loving that {for no reason at all} I woke up at 3:50 this morning...

But I am loving that it allowed me to make my husband breakfast before he went to work :)
It was SO nice to spend some time with him this morning before he left. :)
{& I will definitely be napping at some point today!}

I'm loving Downton Abbey.
After hearing all of you RAVE about this show, I decided I had to check it out!
I watched the first 3 episodes yesterday on Netflix & I just love it :)

I'm loving that Needtobreathe and Florence + the Machine 
are coming to the Beale Street Music Festival this year.
I love them both! I'm so stoked! :)

I'm loving this swimsuit I got from Target last week.
Neon + color block. I just had to get it!

I'm loving Way Better Snacks' sweet potato tortilla chips.
I picked these up at Whole Foods last week and they are delicious!
They are perfect with hummus, guacamole, or salsa!

& speaking of salsa....

I'm loving Archer Farm's roasted tomato & chipotle salsa.
Super yummy! Goes GREAT with the sweet potato tortilla chips :)

I'm loving my Pinterest finds this week.
This crochet swimsuit from Victoria Secret is just precious!

Yes, I am a Star Wars nerd. & this pictures makes me smile :)

Cake Batter French Toast! I LOVE anything cake batter flavored :)

Cutest cake ever! I have to recreate this soon!

Darling :)

I want these shorts {from LOFT} in EVERY color :)

Love this precious, chevron couch!

I'm loving "Love Come to Life" by Big Daddy Weave.
This is SUCH an encouraging song about asking God to change your heart & let His love take over!
Give it a listen. I think it will bless your heart :)

Happy Hump Day, lovelies :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"We asked our husbands what zoo animal we would be..."

Did the title of this post intrigue you?! haha :)

The gorgeous Ashlee from And They Lived Happily Ever After & I have a fun guest post for you today!
{Ashlee & her husband, James--aren't they a gorgeous couple!}

 Ash & I asked our husbands eleven fun questions and here are the answers 
Ashlee's husband, James, gave about her! Wanna see what Jonathan said about ME?! 
Go to Ashlee's blog and check out his answers!

Here's what James said about Ashlee!
1. Where do you see you and your wife in ten year?
In ten years, Ashlee and I will be getting ready to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary with two or three kids in the DC area. We will be living in a great house equipped with a real man's garage and a place for a garden.  We will both be working in the engineering field.  We will be even more in love than we are today.

2. If your wife won $1,000, what do you think she would do with it?
First, give 10% away.  Second, save 20% (or more if I can convince her). Third, She would be dying to buy a new iPad, but I would convince her to let me take her shopping and to the spa. Ultimately would would make a decision together because we make all of our financial decisions together.

3. What one thing would your wife save if your house was burning?
All of her blog friends...just kidding. Our wedding rings.

4. If you checked the browser history on your wife's computer, which website would show up the most?
Natural health articles

5. Complete this sentence: My wife has more ______ than anyone I know.
Knowledge on natural health.

6. How long does it take your wife to get ready to go out (in minutes)?

7. What one item in the house do you make sure your wife NEVER runs out of?
Toilet paper. I have learned to never leave the seat up or the roll empty!

8. If you compared your wife to a zoo animal, which would she be and why?
A lioness because I like to think of myself as a lion.

9. Fill in the blanks: When my wife wants to_____, I want to _____.
When my wife wants to wake up, I want to sleep in.

10. My favorite things my wife cooks for me is?
Chili and gluten free cornbread

11. If I'm in a bad mood, all my wife needs to do is_____to cheer me up.
Give me words of affirmation.  (We are believers in "The 5 Love Languages.")
James had such great answers! I loved learning a little more about Ashlee!
Now, y'all go to Ashlee's blog & see how my husband answered those 11 questions about me! :)

Have a great Tuesday, friends!

Monday, February 27, 2012

My first race: Move It Memphis 5k.

Hello ladies! Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday so far!
 I'm posting today to tell y'all all about my 5k this past Saturday!

I was pretty nervous before hand, since it was my first race ever & my knee had been bothering me the day before on my long run, but 3.1 miles isn't far so I knew I could it. I just wanted to have a good time! Our goal was under 27, but I would have been happy with anything under 29! When we started out my knee was KILLING me and honestly it hurt the entire time, but I pushed through the pain. I wanted a good time!

Well, Christin & I crossed the finish line together with a time of 26:14!  We finished 15th/16th out of ALL the 330 women that ran the 5k that day!  & I finished 6th in my age division {25-29}!
 I'd say that is pretty good for my first race EVER :)

I was so proud of us! We had so much fun & I see MANY more races 
together in our future, including our half marathon in April!

Here are some pictures from race day!

My beautiful cousin {Christin} & I.
 So thankful for her and her encouragement. I would have never done this without her! :)

Christin & I had a GREAT support team: my husband {Jonathan}, my best friend & Christin's future sister-in-law {Linsey}, & Christin's mom {Mrs. Candy, who took the picture}. They were great cheerleaders for us! :)

Talking & stretching before the race. I was pretty nervous!

Just minutes before the race began!

And there we go! Just starting!

Crossing the finish line together. SUCH a wonderful feeling!

After just finishing 3.1 miles in 26 minutes & 14 seconds! 

LOVE her! :)

We were very thankful for the support & encouragement of these two :)


{3.1 miles}
Next time we take this photo we will have to add a 1 in front of the 3 :)

Well, I have to say that my first race was a major success! I'm so proud of how far I've come from when I first started running two months ago. I would have NEVER thought I would be able to run three miles without stopping, much less training to run a half marathon. So, I'm saying to those of you out there who don't think they can be a runners: YES YOU CAN! If I can do it, so can you! :)

Now, I am really looking forward to our half marathon in Nashville {4/28}!
I am planning to take a few days off to get my knee better, then its time to get ready for the half :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend in Pictures.

1. Dinner date at Casablanca with my best friend, Fallon. {Thanks for recommending it, Kelly!}
2. We got their "small mezza" appetizer. It had hummus, baba gonoush, & falafals. It was all so good!
3. I got their Couscous Chicken entree. It was amazing! I can't wait to go back & order it again!
4. The restaurant is right beside Whole Foods. :) I stocked up on almond milk :)

5. Ran my first 5k! I was SO proud of our time! I'll tell you ALL about it tomorrow :)
6. After the race I caught up on Gossip Girl, while icing my knee. Very juicy episodes!
7. That night we had a lovely little date night at home. I made chicken quesadillas for dinner. YUM!
8&9. After dinner we each chose a movie to watch on Netflix. He picked True Grit & I chose Return To Me.

10. After a great church service, we had a yummy lunch at Genghis Grill!
11. Meal planning & grocery list making with the help of Pinterest :)
12. Afternoon snack: peanut butter + banana + granola. All toasted up on a pita. + a cup of coffee!
13. I put on some Juicy Couture perfume that I got in my January Birchbox. My husband LOVED it! 
He has told me about 100 times how amazing I smell! I may need to get the full bottle! haha
14. Homemade pizza for dinner. Super tasty :)

We will be spending the rest of the evening watching television & being lazy. :)
{& I'm hoping War Horse wins LOTS of Oscars tonight!}

Hope y'all had a great weekend :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Good morning, loves! Hope y'all are having a wonderful Saturday morning so far!

I'm up early and SO excited for my first race EVER this morning, the Move It Memphis 5k!
Even though it's just 3.1 miles, I'm still excited/nervous because it's my first race! 
I know it will be so much fun & great practice for my half marathon in April!

I just had this yummy pre-race breakfast.
a big bowl of oatmeal w/ chocolate chips + scrambled eggs + fruit

I'm all ready to RUN!

Good luck to everyone else who is running this morning!
Be sure to say hello if you see me there! :)

Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

A SUPER Cute Grocery List Template

I don't know about y'all, but I like going grocery shopping so much more when I am organized!
I used to go to the store with no game plan and I always ended up buying a lot of junk and never remembering all the things I really needed.

Lately, I have been making meal plans & grocery lists for the week before I go to the store.
This has made my weekly trip to the grocery store SO much more enjoyable.

I found this adorable grocery list template on Pinterest & I just had to share.
Please excuse my terrible hand writting, but isn't this template cute!? So much more fun than just making a "list".  I LOVE filling this thing out every week and I will never go to the grocery store without it again!
Click here to get it yourself. :)

Happy grocery shopping!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wedding Cake Link-up!

Today I am linking up with Britt from The Magnolia Pair to share our wedding cakes with you!

Jonathan & I had three cakes at our wedding:
1. My wedding cake.
2. Jonathan's groom's cake.
3. My grandparent's 50th anniversary cake.

Yes, Jonathan & I were married on my grandparent's 50th anniversary! It made my wedding day even more special to know on that exact same day 50 years ago, my sweet grandparents were saying "I do" as well. :)  So, we wanted to have a cake for them to celebrate such a wonderful occasion! 50 years of martial bliss!

So, let me introduce you to our cakes! 

Cake #1: My wedding cake.

My cake was a four tiered white cake with vanilla butter cream.
 It was simply decorated with some beautiful cymbidium orchids. It was lovely and delicious!

Here are few shots of us cutting into that yummy cake!

Cake #2: Jonathan's groom's cake.
Jonathan's groom cake was all about his favorite football team: The Arkansas Razorbacks!

My husband is a chocolate LOVER, so he wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream! YUM!
It was also decorated with some chocolate covered strawberries that looked like little footballs :)
I must say, his cake may have been my favorite. I mean, how cute are those little hogs on top?! :)

Cake #3: My grandparent's 50th anniversary cake.
It was a strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream! So tasty!

 We decorated their cake table with sentimental pictures, including pictures from their wedding day!

Jonathan & I with my sweet grandparents!

 My beautiful grandmother cutting their cake.

So happy we get to share our anniversary with these two love birds!

It was definitely the SWEETEST day of my life :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I'm loving that my first race EVER is this weekend.
So excited for my first race!

I'm loving that I got a gift from Shutterfly this week.
Free address labels! This is the design I chose. I love them!
 I only had to pay $2.19 for shipping!

I'm loving these pretzel crisps.
I usually don't care for hard pretzels, so I'm not sure what made me grab these at Target...But I'm SO glad I did! They are so yummy! Love the garlic parmesan flavor! And just 110 calories for 10 pretzels!

I'm loving the new Cheerio flavors.
Both flavors are delicious!  I love to eat a bowl for snack in between breakfast & lunch!

I'm loving Spice Girls Pandora.
I love this station for working out! It's the perfect playlist for a long run!
Spice Girls, Christina Aguilara, N'SYNC, Brittney Spears, Destiny's Child. What's not to love? :)

I'm loving that one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books is becoming a movie.
I have always loved the book!  I can't wait to see this movie March 2nd! :)

I'm loving my most recent pins.
Red Velvet Rice Krispie Treats. These look so good!

I need one those these precious floppy hats for summer!

LOVE these peep-toe flats from Urban Outfitters!

What a darling idea for a girl's baby shower! Everyone makes a headband for baby!

This fridge is AMAZING.

Essie's A Crewed Interest. Love this color!

So very true!

Love this whole look. Especially the shorts!

Hope you have a great Wednesday! :)