Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hubs in the Hot Seat

Linking up with Ashlee for a little game that involves asking my husband some fun questions!

Here we go!

Val: If I had to pick one food to live on for a month, what would it be?
Jon: cereal {He's right! ;) }

Val: What would you choose for yourself?
Jon: Chicken

Val: What is your favorite childhood memory?
Jon: playing batman with friends

Val: What is your favorite physical feature of mine?
Jon: Your face.

Val: What is your favorite personality trait of mine?
Jon: How you are laid back about things that most other girls aren't.

Val: If you had to pick a cartoon character that reminded you of me, which one would it be?
Jon: Belle from Beauty in the Beast {Ashlee, you totally called that! haha}

Val: What movie has made you laugh like no other?
Jon: Dumb & Dumber

Val: What is your favorite quote/scene from that movie?
Jon: The glove scene. {Then he quoted it & laughed hysterically}

Val: Describe me in one word.
Jon: Wonderful.


Allyson said...

This is such a cute post!


Lauren said...

Cute! If my husband was home I'd be making him do this right now! :)

Kerrie said...

that's VERY sweet :)

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh goodness, i love this idea. but almost asking him questions about yourself and seeing how much he really knows you. too cute!! might just have to jump on the bandwagon ;)
xo TJ

Anna said...

Haha! This is too great! Such a great idea for a post!

Sarah said...

Love this! I am going to do it with Joe :)

Jes said...

i loved this idea! so cute!
it put a smile on my face because movie quotes always come out followed by a hysterical fit of laughter whenever i ask my man about his favorite movie.
xx jes


Amy Lynn said...

fun :) one day when i get a husband, i will do a post like this too.. haha.

Brittany said...

This is so sweet! I could totally live off cereal too :)

Ashlee @ They Lived Happily Ever After... said...

Ohmygosh, so funny. James said Glove scene was his second choice!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I love when husbands get into the act with their one word answers! Bless his soul:-)

Married...with a Pup said...

Aww this is too sweet!

Faith said...

so cute! i love that he said your face is his favorite feature of yours!

Amanda said...

I love that he calls you wonderful! Melts my heart :)

Celeste said...

I love it! Such a cute idea!