Thursday, April 12, 2012

San Diego: Day 2

Day 2 was probably my favorite day of our trip. It was a very relaxing day full of beach time, shopping, & LOTS of good food! That morning we got up, had some cereal & coffee, threw our swimsuits in our beach bags, & headed to the beautiful island of Coronado.

Coronado is one of my favorite parts of San Diego. 
The cute shops, the yummy restaurants, the gorgeous Hotel Del Coronado, & the beautiful BEACH! 

We were excited for another gorgeous day in California!

Beautiful flowers everywhere!

I guess all the walking & browsing made up us hungry, because we were ready for a mid morning snack about 9:30! We stopped at the cutest little bakery/breakfast place {called Villa Nueva} for a little nibble.

Look at all the yummy choices!

Here is Mac & the pastry picked. Still not sure what it was exactly, but it was recommended by the girl working the register. It kinda tasted like mix between a cinnamon roll & a sopapilla. It was so yummy!

& I had the most delicious white chocolate mocha. Seriously, heaven in a cup!

Next we wondered over to the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado!

Such a gorgeous place! And famous too! Many famous novels were written there {including The Wizard of Oz}, Marilyn Monroe filmed her movie Some Like It Hot there, and many presidents have stayed in the hotel. 
{And it is also rumored to be haunted!}

The front view. Just beautiful!

And this view is from around back.

After walking around the hotel we stopped in their candy store to get some truffles to eat on the beach.
Mackenzie got a funfetti. & I got a salted carmel. So yummy!

Then we just laid in the sun for a couple of hours. The weather was perfect!

We had lunch at a yummy Mexican restaurant called Miguels.
{Thanks for the tip, Amira! We loved it!}

They brought out the yummiest, FREE cheese dip with the salsa. Always a plus ;)

My delicious enchiladas suizas! 

We left Coronado & went straight to the Navy base, because Mackenzie had a video chat set up with her husband. I was so glad they were able to see each, even if it was just on the television.
 I loved seeing my sweet friend so happy! :)

Next we headed to Seaport Village to do a little shopping. 
The weather was so nice!

We got these adorable cupcakes from a cute bakery called Frosted Robin.  
Cupcakes=perfect afternoon snack :)

After shopping we went back to her apartment to shower & get ready, then we were off to dinner!

My awesome driver. :) She knows her way around the streets of San Diego!

On the way to dinner

We ate at a place called Blue Water Seafood that I'd seen on Dinner, Drive Ins, & Dives on the Food Network. {Can you tell I LOVE The Food Network?! haha} We were excited to try some of their fresh fish!

We split a cup of cioppino {a fish stew}, a huge halibut sandwich, & an order of onion rings.
This was probably my favorite meal of the trip!


Chowing down! haha It was one of the best sandwiches I've ever had!

This is what you do when you don't have anyone to take your picture together ;) haha

After dinner we went to Old Town to look at some of the shops.

We totally should have bought these ;) haha

Next we went back to Extraordinary Desserts! Yes, two nights in a row! This place is THAT amazing.
And our desserts were even more delicious this time then the night before!

My enormous cup of coffee :)

This time we got their Dulce de Leche cake {which was featured on Food Network}. It had layers of chocolate cake, chocolate gauche,  dulce de leche, & a crunchy layer of cookies and macadamia nuts.  The second cake we chose was their Ivoire Royale. It was a vanilla soaked pound cake with layers of white chocolate mousse & fresh berries. Both cakes were AMAZING. Definitely the most delicious desserts I've ever put in my mouth!

I've got one more San Diego post coming soon!
Have a lovely Thursday :)


Laurie @ said...

SO jealous! looks like so much fun!

Tamara @ T {times} Three said...

Oh man, I'm in a sweets coma just reading this post! Looks DELICIOUS!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

2 things - I'm loving your bathing suit coverup...perfect! And I love that outfit with the pinkish look adorable!

Happy Thursday!

Amy {Fresh and Fancy} said...

This looks like such a fun girls trip!! Love all your pictures!

Nicholl Vincent said...

That dulce de leche cake sounds to die for. And those truffles..and cupcakes..and halibut sandwich. okay I'm done.

Tiffany said...

Love seeing pictures of you in my place! And your swimsuit style is all the rage in Brazil right now... I saw it on EVERYONE, except they had tinier bottoms to go with it, of course ;)

taylorlsteele said...

Fun times!! Love those teal pants :) So sorry to hear about your grandmother, I have been thinking about you!

Christina said...

I'm dying to go to San Diego. And San Fran! Those cupcakes are too cute!!

Kerrie said...

Valerie your style is so cute! Looks like a great foodie vacay!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Looks like a fantastic time!!

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

I am loving all the food.. that's the best part of vacation! (well that, and the sun and beach ;) You look beautiful as always! xoxo

Sarah said...

A few things:
-You look amazing in your swimsuit! You need to do a post where you tell everyone how you lost weight.
-We stayed at that hotel a few years is so beautiful!
-All that food looks amazing!!

Crystal Faye said...

Ah! Your outfits are so cute! The food is looking delish! Your trip looked incredible, Valerie! :)

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Looks like so much fun! I have to add San Diego to my travel list! Also - I love your black bathing suit - so cute!

Ashlee @ They Lived Happily Ever After... said...

Please take me with you next time!

Leslie said...

I am so jealous of your trip...looks like so much fun! And all those desserts..YUMM!!

Sincerely Sara Cate said...

I love the Hotel Del! San Diego + sweet treats = fabulous time!

Elsha.Rae said...

skinny minny cutie patootie! you are a babe!

lori said...

looks like so much fun! i love your dinner outfit with the colored pants and scarf. so cute.

Caroline said...

My mouth is watering! Yum!

Kelly Ginn said...

and now I am starving!!!!

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Looks like you had a blast! So wishing I was going to Cali ! Your outfits are so cute too! And, girl, you are fit & look awesome!

Annabelle said...

I love me some mexican food! Looks like you had fun!

Emily @ Raines and Shines said...

looks like so much fun!! great pics!

Roberta said...

niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice pictures! ;)

Bethany Phillip said...

Valerie, your blog is so CUTE! Thanks for stopping by The Phillip Fam today..have a good one! :)

Katie said...

So fun!! I want to be there! you girls are so beautiful!

Allyson Butler said...

I am still so jealous...and y'all look adorable in all these pictures!


Michelle P said...

Looks like a great time!

Daisy said...

Oh my everything looks so delicious! Glad you're having fun. San Diego is one of my favorite places :)

Sara said...

What a wonderful day! I was just in Coronado (at the Del) in January for a conference. It was cold and rainy the whole time! So jealous of your gorgeous weather and beach time! What a fun trip!

Kathleen said...

Ah this makes me want to go to San Diego! It looks like such FUN! Glad you had a blast! :)

natasha {schue love} said...

You girls are SO cute! Looks like blast! And I want ALL of those sweets!

Emma Litton said...

Super cute! The beach looks amazing.


Laura said...

Oh my gosh, everything looks so delicious! Looks like such a great trip!!!

Allison said...! Looks like a blast. Truffles on the beach? So smart!

dreaming en francais said...

Looks like the perfect trip!! And also makes me realize that I don't go to San Diego nearly enough, even though it's a few short hours from LA. That restaurant you saw on the Food Network looks like a must-try!! xo

His Little Lady said...

okay, all of this food is making me BEYOND starving! and all of your outfits are of course adorable :)
xo TJ

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness all that food looks ammmmaaaazing! Looks like a fabulous trip!!!

Tara said...

What a super fun trip!!! Love the pics, you are adorable :)

Janna Renee said...

I have never been to San Diego, but want to go soo bad! Those desserts are enough reason right there! I feel for your friend- I totally understand how happy talking to him would make her <3 Ps. You look GORGEOUS. Especially in that bikini!!

Amanda said...

the beach looks amazing! and you look gorgeous in all your pictures :) super cute! Sounds like you had a wonderful day #2!

Samantha said...

so jealous you got to go to the beach! looks like so much fun :)