Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One Year Anniversary Pictures

My best friend, Mackenzie, got a fabulous Cannon Rebel camera for Christmas this year.
And very recently she purchased a new lens. It's AMAZING.


Mackenzie thought it would be fun to take some pictures of Jonathan & I for our first anniversary.
And I thought it was a fabulous idea :)

She just happened to be vacationing in Destin the same time we were in Panama City Beach.
So we thought what better place to take our anniversary pictures than at the beach! :)

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday! :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

Happy Friday, y'all!

I'm linking up with Lauren for another Fill in the Blank Friday :)

1.  The best surprise ever would be,  a surprise trip to Disney World! :)

2.      Our Honeymoon week {at Disney:)}   is my most favorite memory .

3.  The hardest, but most worthwhile thing I've ever done was     student teaching. I had the most amazing mentor teacher & a class of sweet 5th graders! It was a hard semester, but they also made it really fun!

4.  The best part of my day is   when my husband comes home! Second best part=my morning coffee :) .

5. Something I like that most people don't is       brussel sprouts .

6. Something I am willing to fight for is    my faith & the people I love.

7.  Something you might not know about me is   that I HAVE to fall asleep with the TV on. Usually watching an episode of FRIENDS, King of Queens, or Seinfeld .

I hope y'all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just Beachy :)

We had a fabulous week at Panama City Beach!
We did nothing all week but lay on the beach, eat seafood & ice cream, and play Phase 10.
Perfect family vacation :)

And next week I'll share the beach pictures my friend, Mackenzie 
took of Jonathan & I for our one year anniversary! 

Here's a little preview :)
Check back next week to see the rest!

Have a great Thursday, y'all :)