Friday, September 28, 2012

14 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 14 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +5 pounds

Maternity Clothes: No, but my pants are getting very tight in the tummy!

Best Moment this Week: Telling my students I was pregnant. Their reactions were adorable!

Gender: We won't find out for 5 or so more weeks.
Sometimes I feel like Baby G is a girl and something I think boy. I can't wait to find out!

Movement: No, I can't wait to feel my little one move!

Food Cravings: Everything! haha I seriously eat all the time.
My currents cravs are: chips, salsa, guacamole, soup, broccoli, hummus,  and pickle juice.

Food aversions: None really. 

What I Miss: Not waking up 5 times a night to use the bathroom!

Sleep: I'm exhausted ALL the time, so I'm sleeping great!

What I am looking forward to: Fall Break is just ONE week away!
This pregnant lady is in desperate need of some rest!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

3. Are you thinking baby?

Well, if so...YOU'RE RIGHT! :)

We are thrilled to announce that Baby Griffin will be here in March! 
We can't wait to meet our little tiger :)

Baby Griffin at 8weeks2days

Sweet one at 12weeks5days

I'm now 13 weeks and in my second trimester.
My pregnancy is going great and we are already in love with our sweet baby :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

2. Homeowners

I'm so proud to say we bought our first (& God willing last) home!
And our house is without a doubt my dream home.

Not because it's huge or fancy or brand new.
OUR house is my dream home because it is full of countless memories for me.

You may remember that in April my great grandmother passed away at the age of 92.
While I miss my Nanny dearly, I am honored to say that the house we brought was hers. :)

In this house I've had 25 Christmas dinners, 25 Thanksgiving lunches, MANY family birthday parties, & countless other special memories.

The ONLY three couples that have ever lived in house are: my great-great grandparents {who built it}, my great grandparents, & now us. {Is that cool, or what!?}

This house has so much sentimental value to me. 
And in June of this year, Jonathan and I brought it :)

We have been working all summer to turn the house into OUR home.
We've painted walls & kitchen cabinets, updated appliances, refinished the hardwood floors, laid tile & many other little projects. I still have a ton of decorated to do, but it is really becoming ours.

However I will NEVER forget all the wonderful memories I made
 in this house while my Nanny lived here.

My great grandparents.

{Unfortunately, my great-grandfather died before I was born,
so I don't have any memories with him in the house.}

We still have work to do, but I will post before and after pictures soon!
We are also adding a master bedroom/master bath onto the back of the house.
Hopefully construction will begin soon!

Our excited faces the day we became homeowners!

Our home :)

The BEST thing about living in this house is my neighbors.
We live right in-between my parents & my grandparents. 
It really doesn't get any better than that :)

Check back in a few days for my third and finally announcement! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1. Teaching Again

I have taken a second job!

I am still the Director of Children's Ministries at my church, but I am now also
the interim 3rd Language Arts teacher at Barret's Chapel Elementary School.

This school means a lot to me. It was where I did my student teaching back in 2011, so I was thrilled when the principal called me about this interim position! It is only until December, then I'll go back to ONLY working at the church.

So, how am I handling two jobs?
Well, I'm busy. And so SO tired!

This is a HUGE reason for my lack of blogging the past few months.
Having two jobs is definitely more overwhelming than I thought it would be.
But, the teaching position ends at Christmas break, so just 91 more days! ;)

I'm very thankful for both jobs. I work with amazing people everyday.

Stay tuned for exciting announcement #2 later this week! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Remember Me?

Wow. It's been awhile. 
Months actually.

Shame on me. But y' has been busy. Crazy busy. 
 Can't wait to update y'all on EVERYTHING that is going on with me & my handsome husband.

And I will update you. I promise. Just not today. 

I have three BIG things that have happened in my life since I last posted.
And over the next week or so I will catch you up on all three things.
These things are HUGE and so exciting for us. :) 

I am going to tell you I doubt I will blog again the way I used to....

Like I said. We are BUSY. And guys, I'm TIRED!
The last thing I want to do when I get home after a long day is get on this computer. 
But, I do want to start blogging again. I just can't promise to blog as much as I used to.
So, posts may come every couple of days or every couple of weeks. Who knows...
But, I will blog. Because too much is going on and I want to remember it all :)

Look back in the next few days for the first of three bigs things that are going on with the Griffins!

{Oh & follow me on Instagram if you'd like: valeriegriffin} :)