Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Class #2

We had our second birthing class last Saturday. This class was called Expectant Parents. 
It was all about what happens AFTER baby arrives.

My better half practicing his diapering skill ;)

Just like the first class, we were given LOTS of great information!

Some of the topics we discussed:
-feeding (we just touched the basics since the breastfeeding class in next month)
-crib safety (no bumper pads/stuffed animals in the bed, make sure the crib sheet isn't loose, don't swaddle too tight..etc)
-choking (what to do/basic CPR)
-car seat safety
-pets & babies 
-taking care of the umbilical cord/circumcision
-what life will be like the first couple of weeks (visitors, lack of sleep, the importance of date night, etc)

& that's just a little taste. It was a three hour class FULL of baby talk!

After leaving each class, I feel more prepared. :) & not only that...they are REALLY fun too! 

Baby class+lunch=an awesome date with the hubs :)

It really is a great time to bond with your significant other!
I can't even tell you how full my heart was to watch Jonathan practicing swaddling & diapering.
I cannot wait to see him with our son. He is going to be an amazing father. :)

60 days until Miller's due date!


Holly said...

Precious! So excited for you! I think it's great that you are doing baby classes. I pray that when in the NOT so near future we decide to have kids that Brandon will be up for baby classes.

Nicole said...

So fun! I can't believe that Miller will be here so soon!! Only ONE more class!!

Leslie said...

I can't wait for our classes in March!!

Laura said...

60 days!!!! Ahhhhh!!!
That is beyond exciting!

katie ridings said...

lol how fun!! I can't believe they have the little babies and everything!!

Tara said...

What an exciting time for the both of you!!! Miller is going to be one blessed little boy :)

Brittany said...

So glad you learned so much! Y'all are both gonna be AMAZING parents...Miller is one lucky boy!

ps just grabbed your button :)