Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One Month

My Miller man turned one month this past Saturday! 


Your are growing and changing every day. You are 10 pounds 7 ounces (55 percentile) and a little over 23 inches (95 percentile). You are such a loooong boy! Dr. H says your going to be a basketball star! ;)

You are wearing size 1 diapers. You are kinda all over the place with your clothing size. Most of your newborn things are too small because you are so long. You fit best in 0-3m clothing and can even wear some 3 month. 

You are a great eater. I nurse you about every 3 hours around the clock. 

You sleep right beside our bed in your SnugaMonkey rock n play sleeper. We love that thing! While it sometimes takes you a little while to fall asleep, you do sleep pretty good at night. Only waking up 2 to 3 times to eat. And you nap really great during the day!

You love your paci, your hands, sleeping on our chest, & walking around with me in your moby wrap.

You don't love having your diaper changed or having your clothes changed.

You really haven't been out of the house much because you have a super protective mommy. Once you get your two month shots I'll feel much better about having you out and about. But don't worry, even though I've got you cooped up you still have LOTS of visitors that come by to love on you!

It's been a really great month...

You're so precious, M. So sweet and so beautiful. I don't suppose you are supposed to call boys beautiful. But it's the truth. You are one beautiful baby boy!

You are truly a blessing. You make me so happy. And you make your daddy super happy too. We love you to the moon and back. Thanks for the best month of our lives. :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Miller's Birth Story Part Three

The next morning {Thursday} the pediatrician came in to check Miller. He told us Miller's blood type was A+ and mine was O+. Apparently O+ is a bully. There was a chance that my blood cells were attacking Miller's. The pediatrician told us not to worry, they just need to do some blood work to find out. We found out a little later my cells weren't attacking Miller thank goodness, but he was still a little jaundice. This was something the doctor wanted to keep an eye on.

The OB also came in to check on me. I was told I was doing good, but since I was a first time mom he wanted me to stay one another night (Later we would find out we'd have to stay another). I was completely fine with staying another night. I was still in a lot of pain.  I thought why not stay and let people take care of me as long as possible! Plus, since I was a nervous first time mom I felt better having nurses to help us with Miller.

Friends and family came and went all day on Thursday. We really enjoyed seeing everyone and it made our hospital stay go by faster. Mostly, it was just our immediate family that came. Parents and siblings. Jonathan's grandparents also came by to meet Miller! We were so glad they were able to come to the hospital to see him!

Even though we loved having visitors, I also enjoyed the parts of the day that were just the three of us.

That night I was beyond exhausted. I have never been so tired in my life. I could barely even keep my eyes open to feed Miller. Jonathan convinced me to let the nurse take Miller to the nursery that night and I'm so glad he did. We slept for four hours straight and it was heaven. But, after that I wanted my baby back! Miller spent the rest of the night in there with us and all three of us actually were able to sleep.

The next day {Friday} we felt better. Yay for sleep! 
We had some family come visit us that morning and some of my sweet blog friends came to meet M too!

Katie & Nicole  came to bring us some breakfast and see the little man.
Thanks so for coming, girls :) Y'all are too sweet! 

Now here is where the problem started...

That morning the nurse came in and noticed Miller hadn't peed in a long time...like almost 20 hours long. The pediatrician came in and told us if he didn't pee in 24 hours we would have to give him formula. At first this really upset me. I felt like something was wrong with my milk. That I wasn't able to provide for my baby. Eventually, I got over it. I decided the most important thing was Miller's health and I would do whatever was best for him. Even if that meant giving him some formula.

The rest of the day we spent loving on our little man, enjoying our visitors company, and waiting to see if Miller would pee.

That afternoon I was discharged, but Miller wasn't. Poor baby still hadn't peed. They moved us from the mommy/baby floor to a room on the pediatrics floor. The doctor thought maybe Miller wasn't nursing correctly so he had the lactation consultant came in to watch me nurse. She said he was latching on great and didn't see any problem. But she taught me a new position (the football hold) to see if it might work better for us.

A couple of hours later the pediatrician came back in. He said since it had been over 24 hours since M peed we needed to do something. He wanted to give Miller a catheter to see if there was any urine in his bladder. Hopefully there was, but if there wasn't that could mean an issue with his kidneys. I hated that they had to do a catheter, but I knew the doctor knew best. Thank goodness, they found some urine!

It was time for a new plan...

The rest of the day we had to save every diaper, so the nurse could measure it and see if there was any pee, not matter how tiny the amount was. All night we gave her diaper after diaper. No pee :( Until finally in the middle of the night we checked Miller's diaper and he peed all over us! Yayyyyy! Who knew I would ever be so happy to be peed on! I felt so relieved! We never really found out why it took him so long to pee. Maybe my milk hadn't come in yet, maybe it was something else. I think it might have something to do with his circumcision. He was probably in too much pain! No matter the reason, we were so happy he was okay!

Mid morning on Saturday the doctor came in and told us we could go home. We just needed to go to our pediatrician on Monday to check his feeding and jaundice. 

We were finally able to take our little boy home. :)

And there it is...the story of my sweet Miller's birth. 

These first three days of his life, while a little nerve-racking at times, were three of the best days of my life. I praise God for an easy birth and a healthy baby. The joy of finally meeting my first child, my precious son, was more amazing than I ever thought possible. His entrance into this world has been the biggest blessing of my life. I will always look back at his birth and remember the overwhelming love I felt when I met him.

And I love him even more now than I did then. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Miller's Birth Story Part Two

 It was time. Time to become a mom. Time to meet my son.

I had two people in the room with me during the birth. Jonathan, of course, and my little sister. I asked my sister to be in the room with us so that she could take pictures and I'm so glad I did. I am so thankful to have pictures of the birth. My sister is definitely no photographer, but she did an awesome job :)

 I started pushing around 1:00 p.m. Jonathan had one leg and my nurse had the other. I was told during every contraction I need to hold my breath, put my chin to my chest, and push for ten seconds three times. Y'all, I hated this! It didn't hurt because I was completely numb, but having to hold my breath and push was pretty miserable. And since I was numb, I wasn't even sure I was making progress. I just did the best I could, thankfully my body knew what to do because I couldn't feel a thing.

I pushed for about 10 minutes then the nurse told me to stop so she could call my doctor in. About five minutes later my doctor arrived and it was time to push again. 

Jonathan was the best cheerleader during the pushing. He was very encouraging, but didn't talk so much that I was annoyed...haha. He just rubbed my head and told me what a great job I was doing.

So, after pushing for a total of about 30 minutes, our Miller man entered the world. 

It was so amazing to finally get to see the little one who lived inside of me for nine months. I just stared at him in awe. I couldn't believe I made him. Jonathan & I did. He was ours. I kept thinking how beautiful he was. My sweet boy.

The doctors, nurses, and Jonathan kept commenting on how big he was. 
I didn't really think he looked big. He looked pretty tiny to me...until I saw how much he weighed!

9 pounds and 5 ounces. My BIG baby boy!

It amazed me that I pushed such a big baby out of me and felt no pain...thank goodness for epidurals ;)

The next twenty minutes or so were spent staring at and holding our boy. We were so in love already.

Soon after I nursed him for the first time. He latched on great and seemed to be eating well.
 I was amazed that he knew what to do right away.

After I fed him we let our family and friends come in to see us and meet Miller. Everyone was so happy to see him. That baby was so loved from the very beginning.

After two hours they moved us from our room on the labor and the delivery floor to a new room on the mother/baby floor. Family and friends came and went right up until visiting hours were over at 9:00 p.m. It was so great to see all our loved ones and show off our baby boy!

Then it was just the three of us. Our little family. 
Jonathan and I just held Miller and talked about how that day was the best day of our lives. 

That night was long and didn't involve much sleep. We could have let Miller go to the nursery so that we could rest, but I said no. I wanted him with us. I didn't want our brand new baby spending his first night on this earth away from his mommy and daddy. So he stayed with us all night. We tried to sleep, but we woke up at every sound Miller made. I was so paranoid something would happen to him!

During the evening my epidural had worn off and I was in a lot of pain "down there" where my stitches were. Yes, I had to get stitches because I had to have an episiotomy. I didn't feel any pain when she cut me during the birth because I was so numb, but ooooh how I felt it afterwards. This pain was awful! Definitely the worst part of the birth experience. I couldn't even walk/or sit on the toilet without Jonathan's help. It was so miserable. So, needless to say between the pain and worrying about our new baby we barely slept at all the first night.

Morning finally came and we waited to find out if we'd be leaving that day or next. Little did we know we would have to stay a little longer than we expected. Four days/three nights to be be exact.

Part Three of his birth story will tell you why.