Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Current Happies

Just a few things that have been making this momma extra happy lately...

The Stephanie Plum Series
After a long reading hiatus I have finally gotten back into the Stephanie Plum series.
I'm on "To the Nines" right now. Gosh, these books are so SO good!

My Keriug
My first beloved Keriug died last summer and I told my self I didn't need one for almost a year.
I tried a few different coffee makers, but just none compared. Thankfully, Jon got me one for our two year anniversary. SO glad to have one again!

Strolling the babe
Look at this boy. Y'all. His isn't so teeny, tiny anymore. Sad face :(
But, gosh is he FUN! Love walking with this little guy in this gorgeous weather!

Lean Cuisine Salad Additions
Yum! I've tried them all and none have disappointed me!

Our Grizzlies our currently leading the OKC Thunder 3-1 in this second round series.
Just ONE win shy of moving on to the Western Conference Finals.
These guys play so hard, with so much heart! The whole city is behind them! COME ON, GRIZZ!

The Voice
This has been my favorite season yet! I love the new coaches and I think everyone that is left is so good!
But the five above are my favorites! The two on the top row are actually Memphians! Yayyyyy!

My little 7 week old
Time is sure flying! This cutie just gets more FUN everyday! :)

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Kaleigh said...

Love all of your loves! What comes in the Lean cuisine packs

Kerri Andersen said...

your baby is so stinkin' cute!

Alyssa said...

I love Stephanie Plum books!!!! I've been reading them for yearssssss... I promise New Jersey isn't actually that crazy :) ok, maybe parts of it are!

Emma Leigh said...

LOVE the Stephanie Plum books. Just finished 18 and can't wait to get my hands on 19! And having the most adorable baby is definitely a fantastic reason to be happy. :)

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Oooh I might have to check out the Stephanie Plum series. Thanks for the recommendation!

Lauren said...

Baby Miller is growing so fast! I know he is the light of your life!

Anonymous said...

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Elizabeth said...

I haven't read that book series before - I think I may have to check it out. And I have been wanting a kereig for awhile now and now I want it even more.

I can't believe Miller is 7 weeks old - they grow so fast!!

Anonymous said...

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Leslie said...

I am LOVING The Voice much better than American Idol and I love the 4 judges this season!
I can't believe Miller is already 7 weeks....I feel like you were JUST pregnant!

Delta Daisies said...


Becca Moss said...

I'm on #4 of the Stephanie Plum series but I got kind of boring (to me) does it get any better?

Courtney Kassner said...

I need to look into the Stephanie Plum series! I'm always looking for more books to read.

Miller sure is a cutie!!

Anonymous said...

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Laura Darling said...

I've seen commercials for those Lean Cuisine salad things, glad to see you like them! Is it everything but the lettuce inside?

KRISTIN said...

Oooh, I need to try those salads! YUM!

Anonymous said...

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